⑃ Sense and Decision Making Frameworks

Dialogic #307

Tom Barrett


Keeping tabs on rapid technological changes is a full-time job.

How the advances in artificial intelligence impact our learning ecosystems is an open question. So I ask you, what can you control? What reliable and familiar frameworks do you have in your cognitive toolkit?

We must activate our mental models and frameworks to support a better sense and decision-making in rapid shifts.

These mental models provide a way to think about and interpret the world and make sense of the data and information we are presented with. They can help us think more deeply and objectively about a situation and explore different possibilities and options.

Here are three possible frameworks to support your innovation leadership.

The Cynefin Framework

​The Cynefin Framework is a five-domain model created by Dave Snowden for understanding complex problems and choosing appropriate responses. It distinguishes between simple, complicated, complex, chaotic, and disorderly domains and suggests different ways of probing, sensing, and responding to them.

  • Simple — the cause-and-effect relationship is clear
  • Complicated — the cause-and-effect relationship is difficult to discern, but the situation is still predictable.
  • Complex — the cause-and-effect relationships are not apparent, and the problem is unpredictable.
  • Chaotic — the problem is highly unpredictable, and the cause-and-effect relationships are unknown.
  • Disorder — the situation is ambiguous, and the cause-and-effect relationships are unknown.

The first step is to identify the domain to which your focus belongs. Think about changes to assessment, workforce constraints or AI for education.

Probe, Sense, Respond

Following on from identifying which category is the use of probe, sense and respond. I set this apart as I think it is a powerful trio of actions in its own right. This mental model can help when we are unsure how to act.



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