I write to build your cognitive toolkit.

Where does our curiosity go? I write to re-discover the curiosity we had when we were 6. It helps me process my thinking and build your cognitive toolkit with insights and a new perspective.

My name is Tom Barrett; I spent ten years teaching in primary schools in the UK and the last decade as an education consultant and coach.

I have written about learning, leadership and innovation for over fifteen years.

Every Friday

The Dialogic Learning Weekly helps educators and innovation leaders enhance their practice by sharing weekly provocations, ideas and mental models.

Every Friday, I publish a weekly email which has been going strong for six years now with over 270 issues.

>> You need a reliable source of regular inspiration that saves you time and provokes your thinking.

>> A short read that offers clear next steps from idea to action.

>> You need the talking points and prompts to lead your team and the readings to back it up.

>> Save time with a thought-provoking weekly newsletter designed to build your cognitive toolkit and enhance your practice.

What Readers Say

“your newsletter this year has reminded me of the beauty in this profession and all the reasons I became a teacher.”

“I look forward to my Friday email as it is always thought-provoking.”

“Each week, I receive different lenses, insights and freedoms with gratitude.”

“Exactly the nourishment I need every week.”

“nobody else shares such inspiring work on innovative education.”

“I don’t just receive it but actively use it in my work with schools.”

“Not too long, not too short, just right!”

“Thanks again for your timely and thought-provoking insights – I want you to know they make a difference!”

“I particularly enjoy the way Dialogic Learning readers are given insight into thinking processes in grabs large enough to be meaningful but small enough to chew on and digest.”

‘the breath of fresh air I’ve needed, and I appreciate that so much.”

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