10 Quotes That Will Change How You Think About Boredom

Inspiration for your downtime

Tom Barrett


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This is a collection of ten insights from writers, innovators and creative titans about boredom, idleness and downtime as part of their creative process.

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1 — Make Space For New Ideas

“On the face of it, it doesn’t make any sense. Boredom seems like the least creative feeling. But it’s actually a way of clearing space for a new idea to spring back up.” ~ QuestLove

2 — Beyond Boredom

“It turns out that bliss — a second-by-second joy and gratitude at the gift of being alive, conscious — lies on the other side of crushing, crushing boredom.” ~ David Foster Wallace

3 — Boredom Triggers Flow

“You have to let yourself get so bored that your mind has nothing better to do than tell itself a story.” ~ Neil Gaiman

4 — Sideways Thinking

“Watching birds takes you out of yourself. It’s a flow state. Writing ideas come in sideways during such states.” ~ Margaret Atwood

5 — Walking Helps Mind-Wandering

“Thinking is generally thought of as doing nothing in a production-oriented culture, and doing nothing is hard to do. It’s best done by disguising it as doing something, and the something closest to doing nothing is walking.” ~ Rebecca Solnit



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